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USS aims to offer specialist advice to all roof access solutions for the purpose of roof maintenance, abseil cleaning and other high level duties. Across the nation operative’s everyday need to gain access and work at height in areas where a hazardous fall might occur. Under working at height regulations employers have a duty of care to go above and beyond in providing the safest and most practical means of protecting employees when working at height. USS can help make this happen.

USS uses the ‘Hierarchy Method’, which is a system that determines what type of fall protection is most suitable.

  1. Eliminate the risk – preferably by working from ground level or with full height parapets.
  2. Replace – by introducing a form of collective protection i.e. guardrail (fixed or freestanding), access walkways & gantries etc. Collective protection covers designated areas.
  3. Protect the user – this can be done by one of two ways, fall restraint or fall arrest, these systems are designed to protect individual users and are also known as individual protection.

    1. Fall Restraint systems prevent the user from ever reaching the exposed edge, this is traditionally done by having the cable set 2m from the edge and user issued with a 1.75m lanyard.
    2. Fall Arrest systems offer more freedom but it can allow the user to enter an area where a fall could occur in the unfortunate event of this happening the system would arrest the load of the user.

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